PETKIT Pura Dog Carbon Training Pad – 50pcs
PETKIT Pura Dog Training Pad is perfect for teaching puppies where to pee/poo. Simple and easy to use. Reduces odour and it is thicker and more durable than normal pads. Six-layered and filled with absorbent gel, they soak up urine...
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PETKIT EVERSWEET 2 2S 3 Solo Solo2 Replacement Filter 3.0 – 5pc
PETKIT FILTER 3.0 is designed for use with both PETKIT EVERSWEET FOUNTAIN versions 2, 3, Solo and 2S.Stronger Filtration Function: with High Density Micropore Filter; purified water to remove fin impurities and hair. Coconut shell active carbon filter; improve water...
$54.95 $49.95
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PETKIT Antibacterial Pet Wet Wipes
Hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Soap, paraben and alcohol free. Suitable for dogs and cats. Gently and effectively remove dirt and smell. Package Included: PETKIT Antibacterial Pet Wet Wipes x 1 These handy wipes will keep your canine companion looking, feeling and...
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PETKIT Power Adaptor for Pura X
Package Included PETKIT Power Adaptor for Pura X x 1
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PETKIT 5-in-1 Biodegradable & Flushable Active Carbon Mixed Tofu Cat Litter 3.6kg/7L
This super-absorbent cat litter is twice as effective and is much more comfortable to clump and clean. With 5 in 1 Tofu Litter, rest assured there are no chemicals or artificial additives for you or your pet. It has a...
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PETKIT Four Season Sleep Bed
PETKIT Four Season Sleep Bed Start the "forest" sleep journey of nature One-piece nest A/B double-sided inner pad Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam 3D wave massage The jacket is removable and washable Breathable heat dissipation Continuing the design concept of DEEP...
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PETKIT Pura X/Pura Max purification Liquid Refill 50ml – 4 Pack
Effectively neutralise and decompose harmful substances Freshen the air, eliminate the bacteria and formaldehyde Professionally remove ammonia in pet urine and prevent bacterial growth An active amino acid formula Package Included Pura X/Pura Max purification Liquid Refill 50ml x 4...
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PETKIT FRESH NANO 15 Degree Adjustable Feeding Bowl – DOUBLE (Stainless Steel)
Cats’ face shapes may distinctively vary from one breed to another. To offer cats comfortable feeding, we have researched cats’ face shapes and created special oval bowls. These bowls are ideal for cats’ feeding, including flat-faced cats. Food grade 304...
$54.95 $49.95
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PETKIT Bingo Cat Teaser Wand
The product says it all for itself. Elegantly designed with safe material for cats to chew and play with. Interchangeable accessories. High strength material, durable and bendable without deformation. Package Included PETKIT Bingo Cat Teasing Wand x 1 Fur ball...
$24.95 $19.95
PETKIT Dreamy Cloud Cat Scratching Tree
There are star and moon hanging under the cloud. Cover by durable jute rope. Stable and solid base. Easy to install Package Included PETKIT Dreamy Cloud Cat Scratching Tree x 1 Hex key x 1 The fluffy kitten holding a...
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PETKIT Eraark Intelligent Fish Tank Stainless Steel Aquarium Fish Net With Telescopic Handle
Features Smooth and anti-rust Can extend from 22.1cm to 41.7cm Slim and lightweight Package IncludedPETKIT Eraark Intelligent Fish Tank Stainless Steel Aquarium Fish Net With Telescopic Handle x 1
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PETKIT CERASPOT Ceramic Pet Feeding Bowl – 2 Colour Pack
Polk Dot Ceramic Feeding Bowl is not just a good looking feeding bowl. The refined pottery clay is bisque firing at 1340°C. It belongs to high quality ceramics fired twice at high temperature with a smooth glazed finish, which cares...
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PETKIT SOLID AIR Freshener Replacement Filter for PURA AIR Odor Eliminator
The Pura Air Odor Eliminator from PETKIT uses intelligent technology to remove odours from your home that come as a result of owning a pet. Specifically engineered with cat litter trays in mind, the Pura Air controls the odour from...
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PETKIT PURA DOG Training Toilet Board
PETKIT PURA DOG training board is an ideal solution for potty training for your pet.With a designated area for toileting, PETKIT PURA DOG Dog training board is a great way to potty train your pet and reduces the frequency of...
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PETKIT Eraark Smart Fish Tank With Landscape – The Stone Park
Ultra-white high-definition glass material. Intelligent lighting control system . Multi-channel filtering system. Heat dissipation module. Light adjustment ring touch button. One-touch water drain. App remote controllable.   Package Included PETKIT Eraark intelligent fish tank x 1 PETKIT Earak intelligent fish...
$304.95 $259.95
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PETKIT Meow Planet Balls
Bite Resistant Material for rough play Non-Toxic Dye protects cats’ well-being High quality plastic is durable and long-lasting Package Included PETKIT Meow Planet Ball x 3 Keep your cats mentally and physically stimulated with the PETKIT Meow Planet Replacement Balls...
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