Pikapet Metal Litter Scoop
Hook design Metal cat litter shovel Hollow out sand leakage design When cleaning cat litter, it can prevent the agglomerated cat litter from leaking out, and can also ensure that clean cat litter falls down Comfortable handle The curved design...
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Pikapet Cat Litter Bag
Disposable cat litter bags with point break, various sizes suitable for different cat litter boxes91*45cm 7pcs Suitable for cat litter boxes with length + width within 89cm124*45cm 4pcs, suitable for cat litter boxes with length + width within 121cm104*45cm 7pcs...
Catidea Cat Litter Footstep
Keep the room clean Size for any cat litter box Material: PP Size: 49 x 33cm
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M-PETS Cat Litter Regular Scoop
Material: Plastic Size: 26.5x10x4.3cm The M-PETS Regular Scoop for cat litter is an essential tool for any cat owner. This scoop is made of durable plastic and is designed to help cat owners easily remove soiled litter from their cat’s...
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PETKIT Magnetic Dustproof Curtain For Pura Max Automated Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Keep your cat's litter box in tip-top shape with this magnetic curtain. This product is one of the cat litter accessories that help prevent the scattering of kitty litter, isolate dust and avoid odour overflow. Located at the entrance of...
Replacement Door for Catidea Portable Hooded Cat Litter Box
Replacement door for Catidea Portable Hooded Cat Litter Box Two sizes Door for Standard 8L Door for Larger 15L  Package includes: 1 x replacement door
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Petree Movable Base - Double Layers
PETREE Cat Litter Box Movable Base - Double Layer Features: 1. Help you move the PETREE Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box (1st Gen) easily at any directions 2. A combintion of movable base and cat scratching post. 3. Save more space....
$169.95 $99.95
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PETKIT Four Season Mat for PURA X
PETKIT Four Season Mat for PURA X place it on top of PURA X, create a unique lookout spot. It filled with memory foam and linen texture on top. Soft and comfortable in one. Specification Size: 44.5×44.5x2cmMaterial: Polyester Fiber, Polyurethane...
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PETKIT Pura X Litter Sifter Replacement
PETKIT Pura X Litter Sifter Replacement Length: 434mm Width: 176mm
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