Catz Finefood Cat Wet Food Kitten No.3 Poultry 85g

Catz Finefood Cat Wet Food Kitten No.3 Poultry 85g

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catz finefood has set itself the goal of developing high-quality cat food that takes the natural nutritional needs of cats into account. Consequently, the wet food for our small carnivores contains meat and tasty offal as the main components. When selecting the meat, care is also taken to ensure that the protein sources come from regional stocks as far as possible.

Formulated meat, bone meal, soy and synthetic aromas, colorings and flavorings are not used, nor are cassia gum and attractants. Since cats are pure carnivores, this product also contains no grain.

Even during the production itself, care is taken to ensure that the processing is gentle on nutrients. The ingredients are gently steamed so that your cat can benefit directly from the valuable ingredients. This delicatessen wet food from catz finefood is made in Germany.
  • grain free
  • Without molded meat
  • Without bone meal
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • No soy
  • Manufacturing in Germany


Classic Kitten No.3 Poultry

poultry meat 69% (muscle, heart, stomach, liver and neck), poultry broth 26.65%, cranberries 2%, medical cream 1%, minerals 1%, thistle oil 0.15%, egg shells 0, 1%, Calendula 0.1%


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