M-PETS Click Training Tool
The M-PETS Click Training Tool is an easy-to-use, effective training tool for all types of pets. With a simple push button and distinct clicking sound, the tear drop-shaped clicker is lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand. The tool comes...
Pikapet Click Training Tool
What are the benefits of clicker training?Clicker training is carried out in a "pleasant game". Not only will the owner find it interesting, but the dog will also wag its tail constantly to express its happiness during training! At the...
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Fidos Chew Stop Bitter Spray and Training Aid for Puppies and Dogs 200ml
Chewstop spray and training aid for puppies and dogs Suitable for excited puppies and sometimes older dogs love Help you to correct these behaviours with love and discipline Bitter spray to discourage undesirable chewing and licking behaviours of dogs Providing...
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